Eastern Deccan School is an English medium primary school in Kohir village of Medak district in the Indian state of Telangana. It is a co-education school with Telangana State curriculum, prepared to increase classes up to 10th standard in the coming years.

EDS will be managed by people from Kerala, the southern Indian state well known for producing efficient educators.

While ensuring optimum use of the teaching and schooling skills acquired from their places of origin or prior engagements, the EDS managers are also determined to stay affiliated to the cultural treasures of Telangana, which almost entirely lies in the eastern part of the Deccan Plateau.

Like all good schools, EDS too will strive for the holistic development of the people associated, but it believes collective efforts of everyone concerned is necessary to achieve targets timely.

EDS will never have any specific ethnic, religious or political affiliation so that it can always let any associated learner to keep their own beliefs without hurting the freedom of others for doing the same.

EDS managers will never see themselves or others greater than the school in its true identity. They will strive to ensure justice for all the associated learners – the students, teachers, other staff, parents, authorities, other stake holders and the general public – to the extent they are truly associated to the school.

EDS doesn’t claim that it has all the wisdom needed to guide the associated learners to the ultimate truth always, so it will keep updating from around the world, from everyone.