Education is a community affair.

As the first step of establishing a school, an educational society was registered as per norms. President of the society is Sheeba Boby and the General Secretary is Boby Michael. The registration number is 1372/2014.

The aims and objectives

1. To establish, aid and maintain institutions to impart education at all stages and for all sections of the society without considering their caste, creed, religion and political affiliation.
2. To promote literacy and education including general, cultural or professional to promote harmonious living among all sections of the society.
3. To foster a spirit of unity to shape enlightened and responsible citizens through such educational institutions.
4. To organise seminars and workshops on academically and socio-economically relevant thoughts and to cooperate and associate with similar organisations.
5. To promote arts of dance, drama, music, craft, architecture, agriculture, horticulture, photography and cinematography professionally and as a way of life.